Brandy Smart standing against a tree in winter frost
Brandy Smart standing against a tree in winter frost


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Brandy Smart
Founder + Design Dynamo


The idea for be smart communications took root in 2015. Throughout a decade-long career in the community development and non-profit sector, I had always shown a knack for the digital aspects of my work, and an interest in ensuring that whatever I created looked good on and off the screen! It wasn’t until later that year that I decided to pursue formal training in graphic design.

In 2017, I completed my Diploma in Graphic Design from the Canadian Centre for Distance Education. Understanding the profound impact of good visual design, I decided to expand upon my experience in community development and started offering graphic and web design services to businesses and organizations in my local area. In 2019, I acquired the print publishing rights to a local newspaper (Vacationland News) and a business directory (Lakeland Cabin Stuffer) – and be smart communications was established!

Today, I’m fortunate to collaborate with a number of other creative professionals who share my enthusiasm for design and community engagement. Our collective expertise ensures be smart communications is fully equipped to deliver professional results for a diverse range projects.

My passion thrives when we partner with clients who desire not just visually appealing, but also purposeful design for their products, programs, or events.

Feel free to explore the site! If you believe our values and capabilities match your goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Brandy Smart standing against a tree in winter frost

so what’s all this talk about ‘hyper-local’?

For us, hyper-local isn’t just some fancy marketing term; it’s a way of life!

It’s about walking down the street and knowing the friendly faces and hidden gems that make your community so special. It’s eating local food, shopping at local retailers, and sharing laughter at community events – feeling that sense of belonging.

In our work, we weave the essence of our clients ‘hyper-local’ community into every product and marketing solution. It’s about creating connections that resonate deeply with the people they serve.



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